Network Security Testing

dynexo offers manual attacks against an organization’s network using network-based attack vectors, performed by experienced penetration testers.
The primary objective for a network penetration test is to identify exploitable vulnerabilities in networks, systems, hosts and network devices —including routers, switches, and firewalls —before hackers are able to discover and exploit them.
Network penetration testing will reveal real-world opportunities for hackers to be able to compromise systems and networks in such a way that allows for unauthorized access to sensitive data or even take-over systems for malicious/non-business purposes.
This type of assessment is an attack simulation carried out by our security consultants in an effort to:
  • Identify security flaws present in the environment
  • Understand the level of risk for your organization
  • Help address and fix identified network security flaws
Beside of the pure pentesting approach, configuration and device assessments can be performed to:
  • Identify insecure setups or miss-configurations
  • Analyze device security configurations and policies
  • Uncover weak passwords, keys, algorithms, and other security related attributes
Depending on the individual requirements and possibilities, dynexo performs network security tests according to black, gray, and whitebox testing approaches.
dynexo network penetration testers have had experience supporting network, systems and hosts —not just trying to break them. They leverage this experience to zero in on critical issues and provide actionable remediation guidance.