Security Solutions

dynexo offers a wide range of system and network security related services.

Network Security

Take advantage of comprehensive and intelligent security solutions based on the latest standards and technologies.
Our Security & Network Integration consultants are among the most skilled in their craft. We can help you and your company protect your network both strategically and tactically.
  • Effective protection by NGFW and application control
  • Data encryption, content obfuscation, and tunneling techniques
  • Enterprise-grade traffic control and classification
  • Broader visibility and control of communications and information exchange
  • Advanced security by the world's most respected open source products

System Security

Make use of our comprehensive knowledge of market leading security products and advanced technologies that really apply to your needs and grow with your requirements.
We put the most comprehensive and valuable security solutions in place and recommend the right technology tools and services to safeguard your systems.
  • Assessment and development of security standards for various platforms
  • Best-of-breed endpoint security for desktop and server environments
  • Anti-Virus solutions, malware protection, and HIPS
  • Advanced data classification, encryption, and proxy technologies
  • Real-time process and runtime analysis solutions