Fat-Client/Desktop Software Development

Developing applications for desktop operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux, offering feature-rich experiences directly on users' computers.

What we do

Fat- Client/ Desktop Software development


We excel in the end-to-end development of desktop software, leveraging technical expertise, vast experience, and deep understanding of desktop OS architecture. Our proficiency enables us to address complex challenges using innovative technologies akin to web applications.

With extensive desktop software development experience, we deliver impressive programs with advanced features, fast response times, and user-friendly interfaces.

Our expertise spans creating innovative solutions from scratch, modernizing legacy systems, and developing customized middleware for enhanced business process agility.

what we offer

Desktop Software Framework

dynexo Front-end team devises a feature-rich user experience, boosted by storage and processing capability. This enables users to access device features, utilize larger datasets, manage challenging tasks with ease, and enjoy better performance, security, and customization.


Desktop application development

Installed on the user's local machine and interact directly with the operating system and hardware.


Research & Development

The innovation of new technologies, methodologies, and approaches to improve efficiency, and create desktop applications.


Desktop software modernization

Extend the lifespan of legacy applications, improve performance, and meet evolving user expectations.


Development of platform-specific and platform-independent applications

Run on specific operating systems or to be cross-platform.


Integration of desktop software (CI/CD)

Improve code quality, run automated tests, streamline the development process.

What you receive

Embrace our Benefits

We can provide top-notch desktop software services that meet all demands via our streamlined development process and experience.

Our process

Streamlining Processes for Desktop Software

Our criterias are Clearance, Effectiveness, and Efficiency. We can handle everything from gathering comprehensive requirements to making sure the desktop software development will continue to function after deployment. The project will run in 4 phases:




Clearly understand the objectives of the desktop software. Create an outline of how users will interact with the applications and the expected functionality. Gather the team and designers to create a basic design to ensure a user-friendly and visually appealing application.



Select the programming languages, frameworks, and tools based on the requirements and the target platform (Windows, macOS, Linux). Conduct unit testing, integration testing, and system testing to identify and fix bugs and ensure the applications function as intended.



Conduct ongoing monitoring when the desktop software is released. Provide user support through documentation, online resources, and a help desk to address user inquiries and issues.



Release updates and patches to address bugs, add new features, or enhance security. Implement a streamlined update process. Develop a disaster recovery plan to minimize downtime and ensure business continuity in case of unexpected events.