Nextcloud: How to Effectively Secure Your User Accounts and Data

Sven Gusek / 19.01.2024

A Critical Look at Security Vulnerabilities

Nextcloud, widely used for its versatility and user-friendliness, especially in corporate settings, has recently been under scrutiny due to security vulnerabilities in some of its apps. Researchers have pinpointed a critical flaw in the "Global Site Selector" app, allowing attackers to impersonate other users, significantly jeopardizing data security.

Medium and Low Severity: Risks Not to Be Underestimated

In addition to the critical vulnerability, there are others of medium and low severity. The "Guests" app, for example, has two medium-severity vulnerabilities that allow users to bypass security settings. Equally troubling is a vulnerability in the "Files ZIP" app, which permits the downloading of files meant only for viewing.

Crucial Updates and Precautions

Fortunately, Nextcloud has responded promptly to these security concerns by providing updates to address the identified vulnerabilities. Users are strongly advised to update their systems to protect against these security risks. It is also wise to temporarily disable apps that cannot be updated until a solution is available.

Conclusion: Security as an Ongoing Task

Recent events highlight the need for continuous monitoring and updating of IT systems. Security in the digital world is an ongoing process that requires vigilance and proactive measures. With proper precautions and a keen eye on updates, businesses and individual users can effectively safeguard their data on Nextcloud.


CVE-2024-22402: Schwachstelle in der "Guests" App

  • Beschreibung: Benutzer konnten in betroffenen Versionen die erste Seite von Apps laden, auf die sie eigentlich keinen Zugriff haben sollten.
  • Empfohlenes Update: Aktualisieren Sie die "Guests" App auf die Versionen 2.4.1, 2.5.1 oder 3.0.1.
  • Quelle: Tenable®

Weitere CVEs: Diverse Sicherheitslücken in Nextcloud

  • Beschreibung: Verschiedene Schwachstellen betreffen die Nextcloud-Plattform, von der Mail-App bis hin zur externen Speicherung, mit Schweregraden von niedrig bis kritisch.
  • Empfohlenes Update: Es sind empfohlene Updates und Patches für jede identifizierte Schwachstelle verfügbar.
  • Quelle: OpenCVE

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