The use of SOC as a Service can be the decisive advantage

Florian Reinholz / 21.11.2023

The Use of SOC as a Service Can Be the Decisive Advantage

The world of IT security is constantly evolving. On the journey into the future, new threats will emerge, and old ones will be updated to become more dangerous than ever. One way to stay one step ahead of these new threats and protect your business is by deploying a SOC-as-a-Service (SaS).

Challenges of SOC-as-a-Service

SOC as a Service is not a quick fix. It will take time, money, and effort to make your SOC more effective. You need to establish the right processes to support it, and this may require initial investments on your part. It's also essential to realize that SOC-as-a-Service is not a substitute for full-time employees in your SOC and should not be seen as such by those trying this new model for the first time. It's simply another tool in your arsenal—one that you can deploy and fold back when you no longer need it (and hopefully never again).

How SOC-as-a-Service Can Secure Your IT Infrastructure

SOC-as-a-Service provides a cost-effective way to protect your business. It can also offer 24x7x365 security monitoring of your infrastructure and an expert team that knows how to handle all emerging issues. This includes the following services:

Threat Intelligence

Receive alerts about newly emerging threats, giving you time to update your systems or take other measures to prevent an attack.

Incident Response

If something happens—whether malware infects one of your devices or someone from the outside tries to access sensitive data—your SOC can respond immediately and take actions to limit the damage as much as possible. In short, it's like having a whole team of IT experts at your disposal, and all for less money than hiring additional staff would cost in salaries alone!

SOC-as-a-Service (SaS) for the Best of Both Worlds

SOC-as-a-Service (SaS) enables you to:

  • Reduce SOC Costs: Lower the costs of your SOC.
  • Shorten Threat Response Time: Reduce the response time to threats.
  • Simplify SOC Complexity: Decrease the complexity of your SOC.

Conclusion: The Decisive Advantage of SOC as a Service

SOC as a Service is a cost-effective solution. It provides the necessary infrastructure, software, and security expertise to secure your business. With SOC as a Service, you don't have to hire expensive technicians for the maintenance of your IT systems.

SOC as a Service is also flexible: it can be scaled up or down based on the changing needs of your business or organization. You gain access to advanced detection tools and malware signatures when needed, while lowering costs at other times.

SOC as a Service is fast: unlike traditional solutions that take months to become operational, SOCs as a Service can be implemented within days or weeks, depending on the complexity of your system and your requirements. And since it's deployed via an Application Programming Interface (API), deployment time is further reduced compared to traditional on-premises deployments, where all components must be manually installed on each machine to seamlessly work together—something not feasible with most standard operating systems.

Key Takeaway

The deployment of SOC as a Service can bring crucial new security advantages to your business. If you find that your security operations are overwhelmed, SOC as a Service might be the solution. Outsourcing your SOC to an expert service provider allows you to cut costs by eliminating redundancies and increase efficiency by focusing on what matters: your business.


There is no doubt that SOC-as-a-Service can be a powerful tool in your security arsenal. However, it's also crucial to consider the costs and risks associated with implementing this type of solution. Before deciding if SOC-as-a-Service is right for you, ensure that it meets all your business requirements while adhering to compliance standards and minimizing risks.

Also, consider whether an internal team could provide similar services at lower costs without compromising quality or efficiency. Usually, the decision must then favor SOC-as-a-Service.

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