Explore Cyber Security Portfolio

Explore our Cyber Security Portfolio - a testament to innovation and expertise, showcasing a spectrum of projects that fortify digital landscapes. From robust data encryption, system integrations, and network automation to threat detection, witness our commitment to secure software solutions.

XDR and Ransomware Prevention

Discover our XDR solution — an automated cybersecurity initiative crafting robust defense mechanisms against cyber threats.

Data Center Automation

Transform the software-defined data center with unprecedented efficiency and innovation. Join our project to unleash the power of automation solutions.

OT Data Gateway

Our project will provide enhanced operation efficiency and accessibility. Utilizing modern technology, it optimizes OT systems by seamlessly linking them to the cloud.

DNS automation

Check out our DNS Project to learn more about seamless network performance. It transforms networks, both internal and external, by introducing configurable solutions and automation.


Elevate public network effectiveness with our RIO Project - an advanced QoS monitoring solution designed for optimal performance assurance.


Transform IT management with our DAVIT Project. It pioneers an advanced Configuration Management Database solution, ensuring unparalleled efficiency.

Network Automation

Lead the transformation with our project, automating hybrid networks for seamless connectivity, enhanced efficiency, and adaptability.


Expand your IT infrastructure with Netbox - an open source network automation solution for optimized management and improved cyber security.

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