Secure-90: Revolutionary IT Security & Efficiency in 90 days

Secure-90: Unleash the full potential of your IT. Achieve efficiency, cost savings and automation for a more secure business in 90 days.


Cyber Security Programm Secure-90

Welcome to Secure-90 - the catalyst for a revolutionary transformation of your IT infrastructure.

Our unique 90-day program is specifically designed to fundamentally improve the security, efficiency, and strategic alignment of your IT landscape. Through a comprehensive redesign and optimization of your systems, Secure-90 lays the foundation for a future-proof IT ready to face the challenges of the digital world.

After the transformation is complete, Sentinel-360 provides a seamless transition to 24x7 operational support to continuously ensure the newly created stability and performance of your IT environment.

Discover how Secure-90 not only transforms your IT but also prepares it optimally for continuous excellence with Sentinel-360.


The unique benefits of Secure-90 elevate your company to the next level of digital competence and security.

  • Cost Efficiency Guaranteed: Experience a significant reduction in your IT costs by at least 30%.
  • Quick ROI: Achieve the break-even point of your investment on average in just 18 months.
  • Comprehensive Security Assessments: Benefit from detailed security assessments and penetration tests for maximum IT security.
  • Customized Employee Training: Strengthen your team with targeted security awareness training.
  • Detailed Audit Reports: Gain comprehensive insights and traceability through our detailed audit reports.
  • Optimized IT Infrastructure: Benefit from a tailored overhaul of your IT infrastructure to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Automation of IT Processes: Boost productivity through advanced automation and simplified processes.
  • Customized IT Standards: Secure your IT environment with our proven Secure-90 templates and best practices.
  • Transparent Documentation: Keep track with our seamless documentation of all processes, applications, systems, and dependencies.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology Consultation: Leverage our objective evaluations and recommendations to effectively integrate technological innovations.
  • Expertise on Demand: Access our pool of IT experts to obtain the required expertise at any time.
  • Sustainable IT Security: Enjoy long-term protection and stability through continuous monitoring and adaptation of your IT systems.
  • Scalable Solutions: Benefit from a program that grows with your company and adapts to your changing requirements.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Trust in our commitment to the highest quality and continuous improvement in all aspects of our service offering.


Comprehensive IT Transformation: Security, Efficiency, and Progress with Secure-90

With Secure-90, you unlock crucial advantages for your IT: significant cost savings, optimized processes, strengthened security culture, and strategic future planning. Rely on an IT that supports your business goals not only today but also tomorrow.


Our Approach: Nine Steps to an Invincible IT Security Architecture

Secure-90 transforms your IT security through a strategic 9-step approach that strengthens every facet of your IT infrastructure. Each step is carefully designed to minimize risks, maximize efficiency, and future-proof your IT landscape.


Initial Assessment

We start with a comprehensive assessment to understand the current state of your IT infrastructure, identify vulnerabilities, and recognize optimization potentials.


Risk Analysis & Planning

Based on the assessment, we create a detailed risk analysis and a strategic plan to ensure all measures are tailored to your specific needs.


Design & Architecture

We design an advanced IT architecture that integrates the Zero-Trust principle, securing your systems against threats while providing flexibility and scalability for future growth.


Implementation of Security Solutions

With the latest technologies and proven methods, we implement robust security solutions to protect your critical assets and ensure compliance with industry standards.


Automation & Process Optimization

We automate recurring security processes and optimize your operational workflows to increase efficiency and minimize human errors.


Employee Training & Awareness

The human element is not neglected. We conduct comprehensive training and awareness campaigns to establish a strong security culture in your company.


Preparation for Continuous Monitoring & Management

We set up advanced monitoring systems and prepare your IT infrastructure for seamless integration with Sentinel-360. This establishes the foundation for future continuous monitoring and management of your IT systems to ensure security and performance permanently.


Elimination of Cost Drivers & Reduction of Key-Man Risk

We identify and eliminate unnecessary cost drivers in your IT infrastructure and create systems and processes that reduce dependence on individuals to minimize key-man risk.


Feedback, Analysis & Adjustment

Secure-90 is a dynamic process. We continuously collect feedback, analyze performance, and adjust the strategy to ensure that your IT infrastructure always meets the highest security standards.


The Top 6 Advantages of Secure-90: Clear, Compact, Convincing

Discover the core benefits of Secure-90 that lead your company into a new era of IT security and efficiency. Each advantage is a strategic step on the path to transforming your IT landscape.


Cost Efficiency: Dramatic reduction in IT expenses, quick ROI.


Security: Advanced security architecture, minimized risks.


Employee Empowerment: Comprehensive training for a robust security culture.


Process Optimization: Leaner processes through automation and intelligent optimization.


Future readiness: Agile IT structures, ready for the challenges of tomorrow.


Process optimization: Leaner processes through automation and intelligent optimization.