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How Next-Generation Secure Access are Revolutionizing Digital Security


dynexo Secure Access uses an overlay transport that wraps all communications in a secure connection. In essence, it's a secure and adaptive solution for data transfer with the ability to increase complexity as needed


Unlock the Power of Secure Business Connect


Highly adaptable to diverse business models

The system accommodates extra protocols, allowing users to customize complexity for high entropy without encryption.


Comply rigorous security standards

It incorporates well-known cryptographic protocols like AES-GCM, SHA-256, ECDHE, and Blake3 for encryption and authentication


Implementing comprehensive measures

Using the transport layer supports both TCP and UDP for data exchange

Unique in the world that the transport layer allows Secure Business Connect data with a complexity







Highlighting the Advantages of Secure Business Connect

Through our integrated portal, organizations can effortlessly establish, refine, and implement access policies

How does Secure Business Connect work?

Overlay Transport

It packages all communications in a secure connection. Instead of directly packaging the network packets, only the data packets from the applications are packaged. The communication is therefore always "decoupled".




All endpoints register with the controller to receive the respective policies and connection information. The provisioning process, which is the initial setup of new clients and agents, also takes place through the controller.



The Broker acts as an intermediary between clients, agents, and relays. It ensures that all components can identify and locate each other. However, the Broker does not play a role in the actual data communication.



The development process drew from extensive experience in Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and mobile network design. The focus lies on mediating and forwarding data.



For deployment on gateways and servers, the Client is also available in an embedded variant. The client is available in both light and dark modes, and it starts automatically with the operating system.



It also supports deployment on embedded systems. The control and management of the agent are done through the Admin Dashboard of the assigned controller.

Secure Business Connect Exchange

Elevating Security with TLS and Ulu-Cloud Intelligence

Communications ALWAYS occur from a client (Left) via the relay (Middle) to an agent (Right). Thanks to the identification features of each connection, the relay and agent know at all times which client is currently being used with which application and by which user.


Endpoint Profiling

Each client applies active endpoint profiling to identify the specific endpoint. All personal information remains on the end device and is only included in a cryptographically secure hash as part of the endpoint profiling result.



Attribute-based Policy

Secure Business Connect uses attributes to authorize communication. All required attributes are automatically defined by the engine and transmitted with each request by the client. Communication guidelines are at the heart of the Zero Trust Policy. Communication policies are implemented as allow policies. Similar to a firewall policy, the swarm engine selects the policies from top to bottom. Sources (Source) and destinations (Destination) can contain different object types. The object types are set automatically depending on the communication by the client and can be called up for each request. In the case of the agent, they are predefined by the policy engine.


Policy Object


Applications are represented as application objects. These are clearly defined and can be reused seamlessly. They are firmly defined and can be reused directly.


Policy Object

Application Profiles

Application profiles offer additional features as policy options. Currently, the supported features are bandwidth in megabits (Mbps) and latency in milliseconds (ms).



Principle of the Security Architecture

In this technical journey, dynexo delve into the intricate details of designing, implementing, and maintaining a secure framework to protect your business from the ever-evolving threat landscape. Join us as we navigate the intricacies of security architecture to fortify your organization's digital fortresses.



An end device or workstation, such as a PC, laptop or mobile device



A domain represents a group of secure Business Connect endpoints that share a common characteristic. This can be an application, a special role, a specific scenario or a business case. In a domain, these endpoints, i.e. clients and agents, are



A client or swarmer that is on the send side (left) of a communication.



A agent or worker located on the receive side (right) of a communication.



An application or service that is to be made available within the domain.

Secure Access Packages

Secure Business Connect Bundles: Ensuring Security and Optimal Convenience

Access package 1


Virtual platform

2 domains and 50 endpoints

Shared bandwidth

Shared system resources

JSON log export to a destination

Access package 2


Virtual platform

10 domains and 150 endpoints

Independent entity

Guaranteed bandwidth

Guaranteed resources

Log export to 2 destinations

Access package 3


Dedicated platform

50 domains and 500 endpoints

Independent entity

Any log exports

Also as an on-premise option